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He Mouthed “Oh, Dinner Plate” 

Featuring Jamie Taylor

I Hope We Have More Time

Featuring Blaire Barrios Green

The Heart Rate Went 60, 40, 10...

Featuring Heather Rouyer 

A Click of the Heels

Featuring Chad Anderson 

Are Y’all Ready for a Dance Party?

Featuring Rachel Nickel 

Long Suffering

Featuring Chantrel Reimoneq Gauthier

We Read Eyes

Featuring Tara Porter

enilas lamron  deen I

Featuring Dr. Nigel Girgrah

What Is Essential?

Featuring Rebecca Barnes

The Nurses Gave Me Cake

Featuring Tracey Moffatt

I Washed Their Faces

Featuring Katie Gage

Essential AF

Featuring Cassidy Pocorello

I Don’t Want to Scare Them

Featuring Ashante Hogan

She Raised Her Hand

Featuring Debbie Ford


“You’re Asking Me?”

Featuring Ashleigh Conerly

It’s In Their Eyes

Featuring Louise Saladino


Featuring Kala Gaudet

“I Am Here For You”

Featuring Krystal Rosette

The 3,000’ View

Featuring Catherine Smith

We’re Still Human

Featuring William Quinn

You Don’t Want to See COVIDLAND

Featuring Katie O’Neill  

Not Ready For That

Featuring Fiona Winterbottom 

Hallway Sprints

Featuring Julie Hess 

The Bread Pudding Promise

Featuring Sanders Coley 

Best Lifesaver I’ll Never Eat

Featuring Melissa Howard

We’re Gonna Be OK

Featuring  Irving Cartagena 

COVID Took My Breath Away

Featuring Tina Gipson 

Courage, Dear Heart

Featuring Jessy Shaw 

The Wheelchair Kept Squeaking

Featuring  Chariz Montminy 

I Made It Out Alive

Featuring  Ervin Aranas

Can’t You Just Refuse The Assignment?

Featuring Lindsay Teraoka 

I Don’t Want to Die Alone.

Featuring Vincent Phi 

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